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More Than Training To Be A Soldier

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Name:Zeon Military Academy
Website:Our Livejournal Community
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Hello, and welcome to [community profile] charxgarma, a community that enjoys reading about the romance or friendship between Char Aznable and Garma Zabi. Members of this community are allowed and encouraged to recommend Char/Garma fics, essays, art, icons, banners, or even just to discuss their love for the ship.

We do have some rules, however (very minor ones). Not that Char would approve of it.

1.) Please respect your fellow members. Everyone's allowed to have their own opinion, but personal attacks and/or outright flaming is not allowed. After all, we're like hippies here; we're lovers, not fighters. If you really have a problem with a member here, contact a mod.

2.) 2. If you're going to post anything graphic here, whether involving sexual situations or violence, it must be under a cut. NC-17 stuff, like a giant penis or bloody entrails. Char plays dirty and will steal your booty treasure otherwise.

3.) Please place large images, multiple images, or long posts under a cut. There's only so much our servers can handle!

4.) Anything else goes, as long as it has some relevance to Char/Garma, Garma Zabi, Char Aznable, or buttsex U.C. manlove. I trust that we're all mature enough not to spam the wee little community.

Enough rules already! Go ahead and post.

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